PAVA, Professional Association of Visual Artists, is an organization founded by artists FOR artists in the Tampa Bay area and outlying region of Florida, USA.
Featuring the famous Cool Art Show every summer, and now the 2Cool Art Show in February, showcasing the best artists and their REAL fine art and fine crafts. No mass-produced artwork will be found at a PAVA show; only ORIGINAL one-of-a-kind artwork and jewelry handmade by the artist in attendance.

The Annual Cool Art Show – a mid-summer indoor art show, juried from the membership of PAVA. This fine art and fine craft show has earned a strong reputation in the Tampa Bay Area for its high quality, and is a much-anticipated annual event.This show is held inside the St. Petersburg Coliseum in July where it is cool and comfortable. Application deadline is May 1, of each year.

2Cool Art Show in Gulfport – held inside the Gulfprot Casino in February, it is a more intimate version of the Cool Art Show. Application deadline is December 1 each year.

Annual PAVA Member’s Show – held each year in various spaces around Tampa Bay. Open to all members, it is  judged for monetary awards and ribbons.

Members Meetings – designed to assist working artists and those desiring a career in the visual arts. Featuring practical business topics, educational materials, study programs, information on government arts programs, guest speakers, sage advice on practical information from career artists, and great networking opportunities.

News of opportunities in the arts

Resources for career promotion and publicity

Opportunities to learn how to organize and run art exhibitions.

PAVA website and membership directory

PAVA encourages members to volunteer for arts related activities in the community.

PAVA offers support for arts projects throughout Tampa Bay..