Award Winners from the PAVA Members Show at the Leepa-Rattner Museum

Please stop by the Leep- Rattner Museum to see all the fine work in this show.

This comment is from the judge Pamela Miles:

September 19, 2012

Dear PAVA Members:

It was a pleasure to jury the PAVA exhibition at the Leepa-Ratner Museum today. Susan asked me to talk a little about my philosophy in general and the award winners specifically.

I chose artworks for the Honorable Mention awards that I felt were “telling a story” in a fresh new way and/or that were done in a very competent manner:


Ira Burhans for “Dancing Bottle”

Yvette Galliher for “The Pink Punk”

Lynn Foskett for “Just Like That”

Susan Rollins Gehring for “Reflections”

Bruce Ferguson for “Extreme Low Tide”

Melissa Miller Nece for “The Sculptress”

Ron Brischetto for “Terrascape 4”

Cathy Morgan for “Vision of a Forest”

Linda Renc for “The Cloud Dragon”

Judith Heady for “Eggs-tra Terrestrial Surprise”


The Third Place award was given to Joan Duff-Bohrer for “Mother Bird”. Her painting felt natural and free yet communicative. Out of the box and loose. Impactful.


The Second Place award was given to Jim Throne for “Spider Lady”. It told a story but what? The viewer was left to put the pieces together in his/her own way. His imagination, composition and uniqueness needed to be awarded.


The First Place award was given to Candace Ripoli for her exquisite drawing entitled “Repose in Light”. I loved the beautifullyrendered figure where the whole story was not told, leaving a bit of mystery. The mostly monochromatic rendering with just the tiny bits of color was such a bold approach.


The Best of Show award was given to Stephen Schatz. This portrait’s simplicity coupled with the ability to communicate emotion won my undivided attention.  Complete but not overdone. Small in size but large in impact. Skillfully painted.


Pamela Miles, Juror

Art Educator/Painter/Artist-in-Residence



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