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Encaustic Paintings & Wearable Art

Mary Mirabal – Painting


Carleton Wing – Digital Collage


I believe we rarely learn anything new. Rather, we rearrange what is already familiar to us and come to a new understanding. This my approach to collage. I remove familiar images from their original context and arrange them to illustrate a new notion or idea. I have been telling stories with surreal collage for 34 years. In 2006 I began experimenting with digital collage and found it to be challenging and satisfying in a different way from found-image paper collage. Digital work allows me to be a lot more creative in my story telling as well as in the artistic presentation of composition, color and texture. I often use old photos in my work and hand-color them to give the overall work a style of vintage post cards.



Dacota Maphis – Photography


Dacota Maphis graduated with a degree in Interior Design after  working for years in this field she moved on to creating Jewelry. The next adventure landed her a job as a Store Artist with Publix. This entailed managing from concept to installation the production of outrageous eye catching displays which eventually lead to winning the 2012 “Merchandising Award of Excellence”. After this position was dissolved she became a Florist. Now returning to a long lost love of Photography Dacota captures with her lens the extraordinary in the ordinary. In addition to her photography she creates a fresh new look in Digital Photographs.

Gina Coccaro (Porter) Metal Art


Beth York Wolf – Mixed Media Artist


Commissioned Pet Portraits

My pieced paper artwork is composed of many layers of cut bits of paper.  I use old books as my “palette of paint” working with the pets image until I create the desired effect.  In some cases I might need to add colored papers to enhance the work and to reflect some of the colors in an animal’s fur or eyes.  In some portraits, I used colored pencils to create realistic eyes and noses.

I enjoy working with clients to make custom commissioned pieces especially for them or as a special gift for a loved one.

To view samples of my work, view my website where I have posted works from my collection.



phone: 727.773.9680


Abreu – Oil on Canvas


Please visit my web site:

“Journey into Color” — Photography by Kathy Lerche


I have been using photography to share the simple, quiet moments in life with others.

I am a resident of Dunedin and most of my work emphasizes the beauty of local surroundings, turning places like Honeymoon Island and downtown Dunedin into colorful wonderlands. I started my photographic journey about 10-12 years ago at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center. Last year my photography was on display in the Oldsmar City Hall for most of the year.  Because of this, I was featured in the Oldsmar Life Magazine and had a large article written about my work in the Tampa Tribune.

After this article was published I was contacted by Kelly Ring of Channel 13 to be featured on “What’s Right with Tampa Bay”. This stems from the fact that as a nurse I gave my photography to patients prior to surgery to brighten their day and donate to local organizations including Dunedin Doggie Rescue.

A large display of my work is in The Candy Bar in Dunedin.

Currently I am the exhibiting artist at the Honeymoon Island Visitors Center. Proceeds from these sales profit Honeymoon and Caladesi Island. This exhibit will be on display until May..

For the past three years my photos have won in Tampa Bay Magazine’s annual photo contest.

I have again been chosen to show my work in the John Brock Art Center in the Palm Harbor Library. This will be November and December and be my second year in a row. I am very blessed.

I can be reached at 727-244-5746 or 727-738-1742

website is


      “It is so easy to race through our daily life and not see the beauty surrounding us. If you have a passion in life, follow that passion and it will give you joy. If you share this for the good of others you will be rewarded. Support charities and always have gifts for those whose day may be made brighter by the moments you have captured and shared.”
Watching The Sunset
Time To Rest

The Black Pearl
Rosies And The Candy Bar



Lynn Foskett Pierson


The act of image making has been integral to Lynn Foskett’s response to the world around her all of her life. Inspiration may take shape from a natural or man-made object, scientific or philosophical observation. She enjoys working with the surprises that occur within a work in progress; a mark, color or texture added inform the next one used, the original concept at times evolving into something different, becoming a dialogue between the artist and her muse.

Contact: 727-479-8100

NuanceStep Stool
Landscape LostJourney


Elizabeth E Mitchell – Silk Painting


Born in New Zealand,  Elizabeth landed in America in the early 80’s, where she made a living using her art in Key West, then Tampa.

Roddy Reed ( Ceramic Pinch Pots) was a mentor who encouraged Elizabeth to show her Silk Paintings on the Art Festival Circuit which she did until 2004, winning awards regularly at shows in Florida – e.g. Mt Dora and Dunedin,  in the days when to name the town was to name the show. She was accepted into excellent Northern shows such as Virginia Beach Sidewalk Art Festival, Reston Virginia Art festival and into the  prestigious Art Expositions hosted by the American Arts Council.

Since 1990, Elizabeth has been part of the stable of artists at Baisden Gallery – –  in Tampa; and  of  Clay and Paper Gallery in Dunedin, Fl  since 2002. Her work can be seen at these locations.

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