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Lorraine Ulen – Painting



Growing up in Connecticut, Lorraine found her passion for art at an early age and has kept it with her ever since. She sketched and painted her way through school and later while raising a family. When she relocated to Clearwater, FL in 1994, her art took on renewed focus and significance.

Largely self-taught, Lorraine has honed her skills through years of careful observation and rendering, and she has stretched creatively by attending workshops with a number of locally and nationally recognized artists. She enjoys working in several different mediums and finds it difficult to choose one as her favorite. Often working in series, she will create several related pieces that follow a particular idea or genre. Her love of wildlife and nature is frequently represented in her work. She has successfully completed commissions in a wide range of art from portraits to commercial label art, and enjoys the challenge of creating works with a deeply personal meaning for her clients.

Lorraine works and teaches out of her studio in Clearwater. She is active in the art community and is a member of several local and international art associations. Her award winning art is displayed at shows and venues in Florida, Georgia and Connecticut, and her pieces are in private collections throughout the U.S., Canada Australia and the Untied Kingdom.

Artist Statement:

“My world is a constant dance – of color, light, texture, form, and the ever-shifting balance between them – that seduces me and compels me to paint. Wildlife artist Robert Bateman’s statement, “Art is the celebration of the thing you are painting” resonates with me, as each of my paintings is a celebration of that dance, that balance. It is a visceral connection to the spark of a life or the exploration of the profound beauty in the ordinary. It is an expression of my delight in what I’ve discovered about the thing I am painting, and an invitation to the viewer to cut in on the dance….”

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Susan Rollins Gehring


Painter and printmaker –


Debra Thomas Weible – Watercolor


I started watercolor painting almost 10 years ago at the Dunedin fine Arts Center.  Presently, my mentor is Pat Weaver, a great watercolorist and teacher.  Over the years, I have painted portraits, landscapes, still life, but mostly have gravitated toward painting animals, both pets and wildlife.  My paintings are done in a realistic manner emphasizing the personality of the animal I am painting.  Being an ophthalmologist, I have enjoyed trying to make the eyes the focal point of most paintings.

I do commissioned work and have exhibited mostly in  Pinellas county at DFAC and in many PAVA exhibits, including Cool Art and 2Cool Art.  I have been accepted into the annual Florida Water Society exhibit on two occasions and hope to be accepted a third time, making me a signature member in the future.

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Lorraine Potocki – Pastel Painting


I started my own business, Florida Pastels LLC, in February 2008. My medium, pastels, allows me to capture the beauty of Florida’s beaches, wildlife, and environment. My BA degree in Fine Arts and Education is from the College of New Jersey. I have exhibited throughout the greater Tampa Bay area and am a member of PAVA, the Pastel Society of Tampa Bay, the Pastel Society of America, and the Pastel Society of the West Coast.

I’m proud to have won the Merit Award in 2012 in the Possibilities in Pastel VI show and Honorable Mention in 2011 in the Possibilities in Pastel V show. It was an honor to be the winner of the 2010 Clearwater Jazz Poster Contest. My pastel painting, “Pier in the Key of C”, was featured on the cover of the September/October 2011 issue of Tampa Bay Magazine.

My other passion is teaching. I’m on the faculty of the Dunedin Fine Art Center and the Life Enrichment Center in Tampa. I also give private pastel lessons in my home studio. I hope you’ll visit my website


Barbara Kampe – Acrylic Paintings


“i must paint.  i have to paint.  or else i get cranky.”


Susan Rollins Gehring – Oil Painting and Printmaker


Susan Rollins Gehring is a native Florida printmaker and painter. She was born in Tampa  and grew up in Clearwater Florida. She earned her bachelor of Fine Art Degree in 1971 at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia and has also studied at the University of South Florida, Santa Fe Junior College, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (part of the University of Tennessee), Florida Gulf Coast Art Center, Dunedin Fine Art Center and in Specialized Printmaking Seminars. The focus of her painting and printmaking has been landscapes and waterscapes of Florida.

Florida waterscapes have been a key focus since Susan spends much of her time with Dunedin’s Saint Joseph Sound and she fishes the Chassahowitzka national wildlife refuge in Citrus County. “As a native I have watched the slipping away of the primal, the essential, the soul of Florida. I am privileged to have access to an unspoiled area, The Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge and have based most of my recent images on that habitat. This work represents to me the quintessential Florida. Florida is such a contrast between big sky and impenetrable vegetation, spectacular sunsets and subtle colors of saw grass. There is peace there but also raw violent nature.”

To see more of Susan’s work

Chass Back Yard

Little Gator


Florida Dreams - Whooping Crane.

Holly Bird – Etchings, Linocuts & Mezzotints


Holly is a printmaker, artist and graphic designer. She’s been all over the map as a designer and illustrator: from storyboarding Caddyshack and other movies starting at the age of 18, to working as a magazine art director, freelance advertising & editorial illustrator, television senior designer for broadcast and as a 3D animator.
She’s now concentrating on relief block printing and copper plate etching in her home studio. Holly has now juried in her third year as a Roycroft Artisan-At-Large and her print work after 2010 can display the coveted “RR” mark for artists and artisans working in the Arts & Crafts Movement revival.
An avid sailor, some of her print work reflects her love for boating and Florida’s coastal water and birds. Her art blog is The Aerie at More of her work can be seen at and She lives with her husband and parents and two adopted shelter dogs on their sprawling, weedy, bird-y acre in Palm Harbor, FL.


Monika Watson


I make, glaze and fire ceramic elements which I incorporate into my acrylic painting. The resulting texture of bright, shiny ceramic superimposed on the flat acrylic has an intriguing “trompe-l’oeil” effect..