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Meeting Minutes 2011-11-08 (Members)



NOVEMBER 8, 2011


NOTE:  Michael Wilcox will be doing an 8 hour color workshop on November 30th at DFAC.


Two presenters gave the following information to the PAVA group.




Lyn Whitelaw, former Director of the Leepa Rattner Museum, now curator of the museum is also a well known judge of juried art shows, presented his suggestions for successful art entries.


Important points:


Must move from slides to digital to submit work. Nearly all shows will require this in future.


Resumes and applications are NOT reviewed, only art images and booth shots.


All images should be presented in a square, usually 1920 x 1920 pixels with remaining space “blacked”. This can be done using the information found in Café, Zapplications. Photoshop Elements is good program to use  for resizing. Don’t show your name, matting etc. If 3-D, have good photographs, with good lighting.


Be sure to follow the rules, send the correct number of images and label them as instructed. If placing on a CD, be sure to review the CD in another computer.


Be sure your booth shot shows your work well and the photo is taken without shadows and with a pleasing presentation. The booth shot is not to prove you have a tent, but that you know how to present your work. Don’t show yourself or your name in the photo. Be creative but don’t “clutter” your booth. A bad booth shot can keep you out of a show.





David Lawrence did a power point presentation on how prepare photos for digital submission.


He likes Photoshop Elements.  Cost of version 10 is $79.99.

See Handout..

Meeting Minutes 2011-10-26 (Board)



OCTOBER 26, 2011

At Susan Gehring’s home


Officers present: Susan Gehring, Joyce Curvin, Tony Marsh, Debra Weible, Holly Bird, Barbara Burhan, Barbara Hanson



Meeting called to order at 5:30pm.



The minutes were reviewed and a motion was made by Joyce and seconded by Tony to accept them.  They were passed unanimously.



(See attached June-Sept income/expense).  This was given by Barbara Burhan.  Our checking balance $11,785.40.



1.  Susan G. Attended a meeting organized by the Sec. Of State called “Culture Builds Florida”.  This is an attempt by the State of Florida to have artists organizations band together, function as a business and lobby for the arts.


2.  Susan also presented the idea of having Sybil Osberg attend a meeting to discuss an artist’s co-op in downtown Clearwater.


3.  Susan would like to consider doing a studio tour that covers a large area in the future.


4.  We need another board member and Barbara Burhans who heads the nominee committee will work on this.



1.  501c 3 . Susan met with John Hubbard and resolved some questions about our application.  Cost will be $800.  We will submit this soon.

2.  Membership.  Barbara H. Reports that we have 167 members compared with this time last year of 159.

3.  2Cool Art.  Deadline is Dec. 1 and so far we have 19 entries with 4 shared booths.  Our total spaces are 34.  We have as jurors Judith Powers Jones and Michelle Tuegel.  The jurying will be done on Dec 14th.   Cool Art 2012.  No increase in fees!


4.    Meetings.  Barbara Hanson noted that our last meeting was rescheduled for Nov. 8 at DAC.  The Holiday Party is Nov. 15.  We have no meeting in December.  January meeting will be for 2 Cool  and we will have a presentation/pitch for a co-op in downtown Clearwater by Sybil Osberg.  February will be Annual Studio Party at Ernie Simmons.



1.  Web Design.   Susan G. received 3 proposals for web design. They were 1) Design & Time 2) AdSharp 3) Galerie Bohne.  These were discussed and a motion was made by Joyce C. to accept the proposal of Design & Time ( Bruce Snyder).  It was seconded by Debra and unanimously approved.  Susan will notify Bruce and proceed ASAP.


2.  New Logo.  Holly Bird  presented her design using the colored cube/PAVA design into a rectangular form.  Although the designs were well done, it was decided that we like the vertical logo better and could use that in all circumstances. It was also noted that we need to trademark our logo and the logo/name of Cool Art Show


3.  Exhibitions.  Lorrie Ulen was not present, so Barbara H. Reported.  Beach art pickup on Friday, Oct 28, 10-12.  Library pick up is Tues, Nov. 29, 10-12.

Member show at Unitarian Church with delivery on  12/01 and reception on 12/03 from 4-6 (bring munchies).   SPC TBA.  Next library exhibit will be in Spring.


Joyce Curvin submitted a form to be used for grant money/volunteer hours.  Parameters were discussed.  Adjustments made to form and also followup form.

The money will be limited to $300, within the state of Florida and all applications will be due September 1 and granted within 45 days.  Revisions to the forms will be submitted for approval by email or next meeting.



The Holiday Party will be held at Debra Weible’s home at 421 Grant St., Dunedin on November 15 (Tuesday).


The meeting was adjourned at 8pm..

Meeting Minutes 2011-08-23 (Board)



AUGUST 23, 2011

5:30-7:30 PM.


In attendance:  Susan Rollins Gehring, Barbara Hanson, Viv Ruegger, Debra Weible, Lori Ulen, Joyce Curvin, Connie Parkinson, Holly Bird.


President Susan Rollins Gehring called the meeting to order.  We need a new secretary and Debra Weible volunteered to do this, with Joyce Curvin as back up.


Approval of Minutes- May 17, 2011- Motion made and seconded by Joyce Curvin.  Vote taken and approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Barbara Burhans not present.  Will remain treasurer until 2012, when her term expires.  Barbara Hanson reported that from 1/1-8/22/11, we have netted $5,382.93 and presently have $13,340.18 in our account. Figures were distributed for June/August income/expense and Cool Art Show income/expense.  At this time, we show a profit from the Cool Art Show of $3,628.49.  (Reports attached.)


Membership Report – Barbara Hanson reported that we have a total membership of 162.  We were up 6 members since last year.  We tend to lose members and then pick up again for Cool Art Show.  We have mostly Pinellas County members, but are expanding into other areas in Florida. (Report attached)


President’s Report – No comments.


Committee Report


  1. 501c3 – Susan Gehring reported that 4 trustees met with Sally Lindberg, our accountant, this past week.  She suggested that we had to go back to 1995 to fill out our 1023 form.  This would also involve having to rename ourselves and possibly have two corps.  After consulting with John Hubbard and Nancy Ridenhour, we feel we only have to go back 5 years.  This is still undecided and we need more information before going forward.
  2. Cool Art – Connie Parkinson reports that Cool Art was successful this year.  No complaints; artists and public very happy.  Perhaps have an anonymous card for artists to fill out stating their sales and collected at the end of the show next year.
  3. 2 Cool Art – Connie P. reports that show will have set up on Feb 10 and run on Feb. 11,12.  She is getting great cooperation with the city.  Only drawback is number of spaces are limited to 34 and outdoor space is too risky (weather) to use.  Electricity is available and a lot of free parking.  Jury will be same as Cool Art.  Barbara Hubbard is doing applications and the deadline will be Dec 1.  Holly Bird agreed to start working on an updated PAVA logo to brand our events.
  4. Meeting Topics – Joyce Curvin volunteered to help Barbara Hanson with this.


Old Business



  1. Website – Our webmaster, Russell, is unable to help redesign our website, so we will take our ideas  (attached)  to three web designers in hopes of choosing one that will give us a new look and a more user friendly site.  Most important issue is security.
  2. Exhibitions – Lorie Ulen reported that the next show is Clearwater Library Show with a drop off September 1st from 10 – 12.  The next shows will be PAVA Members Show at the Beach Art Center with drop off September 14th.  Following this will be the Octogon Exhibit which will be hung Dec 1, with reception Dec. 3.  Call to artists TBA.  Ruth Eckerd Exhibit will be in March April and May of 2012, which will show 12 artists juried by previous years artists.  And finally she is working on an SPC Exhibit for next year.


New Business

Susan Gehring reported that we need someone to work on guidelines for our participation in the community.  This is important for our 501c3 also.  Joyce Curvin and Viv Ruegger agreed to work on this. Susan Gehring accepted George Tinitis resignation from the board as of August 19, 2011.  A replacement will be nominated and voted on at the next meeting.




Next meeting will be September 20, 2011.


Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Debra Thomas Weible


Meeting Minutes 2011-05-17 (Board)



May 17, 2011



In attendance:  Susan Rollins Gehring, Barbara Hanson, Jenna Star Friedman, Viv Ruegger, Tony Marsh, Debra Weible, Barbara Burhans, Lori Ulen,


President Susan Rollins Gehring called the meeting to order.


Approval of Minutes – March 15, 2011 – Tony Marsh made a motion to approve the minutes and Debra Weible seconded the motion.  Vote taken: minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report –  Barbara Hanson gave the Treasurer’s Report.  Review of budget for 2011. Discussion about budget, including looking into expenses of providing credit card service during Cool Show.  Tony Marsh motioned to approve budget, Viv Ruegger seconded motion.  Vote taken: budget approved.


Membership Report –  Barbara Hanson reported on membership: started the year with 176, now have 157 members. Lost 7 members’ gallery pages; lost 3 members’ thumbnails.  Discussion of website scams.


President’s Report by Susan Gehring:


1. Update on Cool Art 23:  Jurying will be done this Friday. Amanda Cooper, David Shenkweler, Lynn Whitelaw and five PAVA members will jury in the artists.


2.  Update on 2Cool Art in Gulfport: Postcard design is done.


Committee Reports


1. 501c3 – Susan  to talk with accountant about issues.


2.  Nominating committee – two new Board members are needed. Barbara Burhans reviewed nominees and recommended Joyce Curvin and Holly Bird.  Lori Ulin made a motion to accept Curvin and Bird as new Board members. Debra Weible seconded motion. Vote taken: Curvin and Bird elected to Board.


Old Business


1.   Website discussion – Susan Gehring and Barbara Hanson working with Ron Pehmoeller.  Committee needed to work on website.  Barbara Burhans suggested putting Board members’ names on website – they currently are not listed.


2.  Update on exhibitions by Lori Ulen – reviewed list of upcoming exhibits at:  City of Clearwater Library, Hyatt weekend exhibit (on hold for now in order to look into how to promote it), Beach Art Center – Members’ Exhibit, Octogon Exhibit, Ruth Eckerd Hall Exhibit, SPC Exhibit.


3.  Policy on Facebook posts – discussion about Ron’s suggested guidelines. Tony Marsh made a motion to adopt guidelines. Barbara Burhans seconded the motion. Vote taken:  guidelines adopted.



New Business


1.  Susan Gehring discussed the need for guidelines about how PAVA will participate in community events.


2.  Meeting topics – need for someone new to take this over.


3.  Officers for Board will be decided at next meeting.





1.  Next general meeting will be June 15, 2011; topic will be Cool show.


Meeting Adjourned  7:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jenna Star Friedman.

Meeting Minutes 2011-03-15 (Members)


PAVA Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2011 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

President Susan Gehring opened the meeting.


President’s Announcements

  1. Cool applications went out last week. Judges have been selected.
  2. Gulfport show – 2 Cool Art – will be Feb. 10,11,12, 2012. Some booths are very big, members encouraged to share.
  3. Two new Board members are needed. Will be selected in April and voted on in May.
  4. Website committee is needed. Volunteers are requested.
  5. City of Clearwater Library exhibit in progress.
  6. Hyatt Hotel – exhibitors needed. Weekend shows at least through August.
  7. Members show at Beach Art – Indian Rocks – September 16 through end of October.
  8. Facebook – Board needs to decide parameters of what/who can post. Issues discussed about fans not being viewable and not being able to post photos.
  9. PAVA informational brochure – or Rack Card. Member (Holly) volunteered to do more research on this.
  10. Discussion on display panels being purchased so artists could rent them. Point raised that maybe a rental company could better handle it.
  11. Request from Casa Tina’s for artists to volunteer for community lantern project.
  12. Cool show publicist is asking for human interest stories or media connections.
  13. SPC exhibit in fall of 2012.
  14. Possible show at TIA in future.
  15. Now have 170 members in PAVA. Volunteers are needed for all projects.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Jenna Star Friedman.

Meeting Minutes 2011-03-15 (Board)


PAVA Board Meeting Munutes
March 15, 2011 5:30-7:00 p.m.


In attendance: Susan Rollins Gehring, Barbara Hanson, Lori Ulen, Tony Marsh, Jenna Star Friedman

President Susan Gehring called the meeting to order. Approval of Minutes Treasurer’s Report : review of budget for 2011.

President’s Report by Susan Gehring:

  1. Update on Cool Art 23: Joyce Curvin – Publicity – looking for any human interest stories or media connections. Jennifer Weaver and sister – Volunteers committee. Connie and Susan – everything else. Judges for entering: Amanda Cooper, David Shenkweler, Lynn Whitelaw.
  2. Update on 2Cool Art in Gulfport: Feb. 10, 11, 12, 2012.

Committee Reports

  1. 501c3 – currently at a standstill.
  2. Nominating committee – Barbara Burhans is currently away. Two seats need to be filled (Jenna and Ronnie).

Old Business

  1. Website – committee is needed to work with this.
  2. City of Clearwater Library update by Lorie Ulen: 30 artists entered; PAVA making $410 with $300 from Library and entry fee; pictures are on Facebook.
  3. Hyatt week-end exhibition by Lorie Ulen: last weekend Jack and Lisa had first exhibit: felt there wasn’t a lot of interest in it. Ideas: signs for PAVA, info brochures. Every weekend through August.

New Business

Not enough Board members present to vote. Discussions about:
  1. Request for financial and volunteer artists support for Dunedin community project by Tina Avila: decided to put it out to individuals at PAVA general meeting.
  2. PAVA possibly buying display panels that artists could rent for exhibitions.
  3. SPC: Brandy Starka, professor at SPC Seminole, asking if PAVA wants to do exhibit there in 2010. To be discussed further.


  1. Next Board meeting will be April 19, 2011.

Meeting adjourned. 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jenna Star Friedman


Meeting Minutes 2011-01-18 (Members)


PAVA Meeting Minutes
January 18, 2011 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

President Susan Gehring opened the meeting.

All members introduced themselves.

President’s Announcements:

  1. President Gehring and Connie Parkinson had a meeting with Gulfport Casino. Gehring described the meeting and the exhibition setting so members would have knowledge of the opportunity for PAVA. Group discussion followed
  2. Board members were asked to vote on whether to to go forward with exhibition at Gulfport Casino and exhibition dates of Feb. 10, 11, 12, 2012. Vote taken – decision approved.
  3. Planning for PAVA’s future: members were asked to consider what PAVA does and what they want it to do. Members were divided into smaller groups for focused discussions. Group came back together and discussion answers were compiled.
    **See results of planning session in synopsis below.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Jenna Star Friedman

** Results of the planning meeting on Jan 18.

RED indicates the most interest areas.


  1. Shows, exhibitions
  2. Education
  3. Network
  4. Community identity of artists
  5. Web site
  6. Reach out to artists
  7. Voice for Artists
  8. Assist artists in need



      1. Create a Face book page 12 dots *
      2. Add PAVA website link to personal web site 4 dot
      3. Offer housing for traveling artists to shows 2 dots


      1. Keep up quality 11 dots *
      2. utside Pinellas County 2 dots


      1. Have meetings to educate the members about the business of art
      2. Go to college level schools and talk about being an artist 1 dot
      3. Use television to talk about art 2 dots
      4. Have meetings to educate the public about art; What does art do for the public, the economic impact of art in the community? 10 dots *
      5. Host information meetings with public officials 4 dots
      6. Be a advocate for arts 6 dots


    1. Space on website for members information (public message board) 14 dots *