Christina Paluszek-McClure – Jeweler & Metalsmith

Christina Paluszek-McClure is a self taught jewelry artist and metalsmith who has mastered the skills and techniques of creating very intricate metalwork with a touch of whimsy.  Her jewelry entices the viewer to really look at the design and investigate the fine detailed work, texture, and various gemstones, pearls and found objects that compose the piece.  Since most of her inspiration is drawn from nature, myth and folklore, many of her designs tell a story all their own.

Fashioned mainly from sterling silver, it is not uncommon to find that her jewelry designs include filigree, tiny hand-engraved details, granulation, various textures and patinas, as well tiny faces that she molds from porcelain clay and then paints and glazes.  She enjoys a challenge, and she continues to seek out new mediums and techniques in which to enhance her jewelry designs.

Working with fire and metal and creating her whimsical jewelry and metal designs are Paluszek-McClure’s passion, and her work has won numerous art show awards, has been featured in Wedding Dresses Magazine, and can be found at various fine art and fine craft galleries, art shows she participates in, and on her website



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