The 25th Cool Art Show — a success!

Cool Art Show 25 from the balcony.
Cool Art Show Celebrates 25 years in St. Petersburg

It was Cool inside the Coliseum at the annual Cool Art Show July 20 – 21, 2013!

The Cool Art Show arrived in the midst of summer, oblivious to heat and storms. This is a juried fine art and craft event displaying high caliber work from 80 local and statewide artists, hosted by PAVA, the Professional Association of Visual Artists.  All artwork is made in America – hand created by the artist and for sale. A remarkable collection of visual and functional creations in paint, wood, ceramics, photography, metal, glass, mixed media and jewelry. PAVA continues its tradition of representing distinction across the spectrum of artistic media.

 Cool Art has grown in 25 years from its beginnings as an outlet for artists and the public in the slow summer, to a outstanding highly respected show establishing it as a not to be missed art event. In celebration of our 25 years a commemorative T-Shirt created by Denis Gaston, one of the founders of Cool Art, is still available for sale for $10. Contact us for more information.
PAVA is a not-for-profit, artist run organization. It is composed of artists from throughout the state of Florida and Eastern United States.  It has been in existence for over 25 years. PAVA hosts several art shows each year, including the Annual 2Cool Art at the Gulfport Casino in February.
List of exhibiting artists, their booth numbers and a layout map of the art show below:
First Last Booth number
Sue Ayala 40
Jack Boyle 34
Karen Brandon 43
Jack Breit 56
Dave Bruner 32
Ira Burhans 29
Sarah Thee Campagna 24
Chris Carlson 55
Dianne F Caton 75
Carolina Cleere 30
Ramirez Cotrino 16
Hugo Cruz 8
Joyce Curvin 42
Bill Darrah 41
Matthew Davies 50
Cindy Devine 68
Eric Dodds 63
Omeria Engle 28
Josephina Espinosa 19
Ben W. Essenburg 7
Bruce Ferguson 10
Barbara Foley 74
Eric Folsom 15
Wendy Foreman 60
Rosario Garcia 72
Susan Rollins Gehring 23
Paul Germain 26
Lisa Glaser 56
Holly Hambrick 37
Lyn Novak Hise 61
Barbara Grazul Hubbard 27
Donna McCarthy Jensen 14
Ken Jensen 13
Barbara Kampe 57
Annette Kapfer 47
John Kellum 64
Carol Kohnke 62
David Lawrence 1
Tom Lott 9
Karen Marsh 54
Tony Marsh 54
John Mascoll 71
Linda McCarrey 11
Peg Miller 45
John Moore 3
Jean Murray 48
Don Naumann 17
Melissa Miller Nece 58
Mark Noll 31
Lori Kay Olling 38
Janet O’Rourke 6
Christina Paluszek-McClure 65
Connie / Patti Parkinson/ Bacun 35
Lorraine Potocki 36
Candace Richey Ripoli 59
Charles Rowe 33
Carol Sackman 67
Bill Sargent 73
Ric Savid 53
Steven & Kim Schramek 2
John Shevlin 51
Ernest C Simmons 20
Bill Slade 66
Jim Smith 49
Linda Smith 18
Scott Spillman 44
Kathleen Stroud 69
Linda E Stump 39
Linda Tilson 25
William Underwood 46
Marilyn Vaillancourt 52
Ana Varela 5
Monika Watson 12
Debra Thomas Weible 22
Sandra Williams 4
Jan Wunsch 21
Albert Zimmerman 70



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