Devine Designs Jewelry

“Let your imagination run free”

I create wire and metal art jewelry. My work consists of cold forging, as well as, traditional metalsmithing techniques.   I strive to form designs that have not been done before, original works of art jewelry. I do not mass produce, or use cookie cutter concepts when I create a piece. I like to be different, and tend to add a unique feature in a piece of jewelry, that adds to the originality of the piece. My current work showcases the use of riveting and fold-forming.

I strive for perfection and high quality. I only use high quality components in my jewelry such as: sterling silver, high grade Thai silver, pure copper, gemstones and artisan made glass beads.

I usually name each piece, as what it represents to me, and sometimes a piece has a story. Sometimes the conception of a piece starts with a name that comes to me, and then I may sketch out a design, or just start “playing” with metals. I am always happy with the results when I take the time to explore an idea or an image that comes to me.




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