The Emerging Artist Grants Program provides recipients with funding towards the production of new work, to be exhibited and/or performed at the culmination of the grant award period. The Grant is available to artists who currently live in Pinellas County, and have done so for no less than one (1) year prior to March 12, 2017.

This award seeks to assist in the recognition and support of artists early in their career, regardless of age, who are gaining momentum and who may be at a critical juncture of their development in which financial support would assist them with attaining their goals. Creative Pinellas will strive to pair grantees with a professional artist mentor for the duration of their grant award period. Mentors and grantees must meet regularly and demonstrate a record of conversations focused on developing the grantee’s skills and career.

Emerging Artists are defined as those who are widely recognized by their peers and the community at large for the quality of their work, but who have not yet amassed a significant record of solo exhibitions, publications or full performance and/or production of their work – or – have not yet realized a majority of their income through the creation and sale of their work. Creative Pinellas recognizes the potential of our County’s emerging artists, and supports their efforts to advance their careers, and gain recognition on the local, national, or international stage. This in turn brings awareness and interest to our community, inspiring other artists and art lovers, and helps make Pinellas County a vibrant arts and cultural destination.

Visit the Creative Pinellas website for more information:

Emerging Artist Grants

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