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GYST Affiliate Program

GYST-Ink is an artist-run company providing resources, technology and solutions created by artists for artists. Our mission is to support arts professionals, educational institutions, and arts organizations with an integrated program of software, services, and information in order to keep artists working. GYST-Ink is dedicated empowering and educating artists so that they can develop sustainable and successful careers on their own terms. 

Written expressly for visual artists, the dynamic GYST software is a highly efficient platform available for both Mac and PC  that houses all of the art business related paperwork and educational needs for artists.

Written by and for any and every visual artists, GYSTBasic and GYSTPro are database programs to help artists keep track of their artwork, business aspects, proposals, mailing lists, etc. They also include tons of information on every aspect of an artists’ career, including links and resources for additional perspectives on business aspects of the arts, and over 400 pages of vital information for artists.

The GYST Affiliate Program offers discount pricing of our great products and services for organizations such as PAVA. Because of PAVA’s dedication to artists and enrollment in the GYST program, you benefit! Visit and use these unique PAVA codes upon checkout. 

GYSTPro 4.0 Mac/PC Business Software for Artists ($30 discount code): CPNPAVAGP

Artist/Teaching Manual ($5 discount code): CPNPAVABK

Free Resources for Artists: