Bruce Ferguson
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“I have an A.A. degree in Fine Arts from Hillsborough College and an A.S. in Graphic Design from St. Petersburg College. I also have extended studies at University of South Florida, and a broad knowledge of painting from the Florida area of vast water ways, especially the abundant mangroves.
I have been an active member of PAVA since 2008. I have displayed these paintings throughout the Southwest, mostly in Florida. I intend to show my work in more places these coming years, as I am accepted.

My rewards are varied, from awards to sales. Since 2007, I have received awards including: Best in 2D, Award of Distinction, and Second Place. I have also received many Merit Awards and Honorable Mentions.

PAVA has included me in several galleries as well at Ruth Eckerd Hall, and I have had one man shows at Louise Kottler Art Gallery and the Polk State College Gallery.

I find my inspiration in the natural beauty of the Tampa Bay area, particularly in it’s mangroves. I had already been painting for 40 years when I found my current unique artistic style involving application of oil paint and removing excess with q-tips. This allows additional layers to create rich unsaturated colors and exaggerated images, with the final result an abstraction of nature.

I am currently painting directly on birch wood panels, allowing the rich grain of the wood to become part of the images.”