Kathy Thomas
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Kathy Thomas

Art has always been a part of my life. My interests were developed at a very young age by several family members who were artists. I graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Art Education in 1974 but there were no positions available.

In 1984 I decided that I was going to re-enter the world of Art. I was concerned about the toxic material I used while a student and decided to take my first watercolor class at the local Danforth Art Museum. I still have my first completed painting and view it periodically to see my early beginning. I was offered a part time job with the Holliston Art Department where I taught High School for five years.  

My art has taken many twists and turns over the years. I am a landscape painter with an impressionism flare now leaning to a more abstract impressionist style. Although I start every painting from my photos I have personally taken I use them only as spring board and never really know the result until the painting is complete. I start with bold brush strokes and then paint with various pallet knives creating texture and color.

I teach weekly acrylic classes. My students are amazed with their hidden talent. I explain to my students that the photo they work from is the basis of their painting if they want photo realism frame the photograph.  I continue to paint and show my work whenever possible. I have exhibited in Florida at the Beach Art Center, Mia’s Gallery, Dunedin Art Center and Stirling Gallery awarded 2nd place.  I have also exhibited in many shows in Massachusetts.