Mary Mirabal
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“I strive to create paintings that speak of the simple beauty existing in everyday life.  My abstract art reflects the colors and emotions of the high desert of New Mexico. I find magic in its mountains and divinely painted skies. This sacred place calls to my soul and opens a space for my art to be a true reflection of my free spirit and enthusiasm for life.  

Incorporating layer upon layer of paint by hand and palette knife provides many opportunities for experimenting with color combinations and designs. Abstraction gives permission to wonder.”

I paint with bold colors, the colors of my soul.

I’m Mary.  An artist and dreamer who paints contemporary abstract expressionist works.   A child of the 70’s – now in my 50’s and “Gigi” to three amazing grandchildren.  I’m a lover of COLOR as you will see in my work.  I was in my 50’s before I first picked up a paint brush (not including paint by numbers kits as a child).   

Collecting Native American art is a passion of mine.  My home looks like it could be a gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, a place very dear to my heart.  We’ve traveled there many times and I’m always trying to find my way back.

I paint what inspires me, makes me laugh and brings me joy.  My paintings are an exploration of colors, shapes, textures and tools.  I allow the images to unfold and evolve as I paint.

I live in sunny Tampa, FL with my hubby of 38 years and six rescue cats.  I prefer the term “cat whisperer” over crazy cat lady.