Michael Oertle
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“I have always been drawn to the works of the great impressionist painters. Especially Monet, with his mastery of color and light. My art has taken on a modern impressionist style with layers of thick oil paint in rich, saturate colors dancing across the canvas.

Inspiration comes from my natural surroundings and daily events: the little things, each of which tells a personal story. It can be an image from a walk on the beach, or the look of a spirited child. I may be drawn to the boats I see sailing in the wind toward some unknown destination. A spark of creativity can come from a sight of two neighbors talking, or from the loving care someone gives to their pots of colorful flowers under the bright Mediterranean sky.

To me, every piece of art has a story. It is what gives my work purpose, and it is what makes the art come alive to those who pause to take it all in. My stories are told through the shapes, the composition and color of each piece. This is what creates the emotion and the mood behind the work – whether it is settling or disturbing – and is what truly connects the art, and thus the artist, to the viewer.”

Michael Oertle grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and began painting with oils in his early twenties as a self-taught artist. However, his art was essentially suspended for more than thirty years as the demands of his business career and family gave him little time to paint.

In 2012, after success in the business world, he and his wife Christine settled in St. Pete Beach, Florida where he once again picked up his brush. Wanting to advance his skills in oil painting, Michael became an avid reader on the subject and began studying art at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL. Currently Michael studies at the Suntan Art Center located in St. Pete Beach and works out of his home studio.

Since Michael began exhibiting his work a little over four years ago, he has received numerous awards and recognition for his work.