Meeting Minutes 2011-03-15 (Members)

PAVA Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2011 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

President Susan Gehring opened the meeting.


President’s Announcements

  1. Cool applications went out last week. Judges have been selected.
  2. Gulfport show – 2 Cool Art – will be Feb. 10,11,12, 2012. Some booths are very big, members encouraged to share.
  3. Two new Board members are needed. Will be selected in April and voted on in May.
  4. Website committee is needed. Volunteers are requested.
  5. City of Clearwater Library exhibit in progress.
  6. Hyatt Hotel – exhibitors needed. Weekend shows at least through August.
  7. Members show at Beach Art – Indian Rocks – September 16 through end of October.
  8. Facebook – Board needs to decide parameters of what/who can post. Issues discussed about fans not being viewable and not being able to post photos.
  9. PAVA informational brochure – or Rack Card. Member (Holly) volunteered to do more research on this.
  10. Discussion on display panels being purchased so artists could rent them. Point raised that maybe a rental company could better handle it.
  11. Request from Casa Tina’s for artists to volunteer for community lantern project.
  12. Cool show publicist is asking for human interest stories or media connections.
  13. SPC exhibit in fall of 2012.
  14. Possible show at TIA in future.
  15. Now have 170 members in PAVA. Volunteers are needed for all projects.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Jenna Star Friedman.


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