Meeting Minutes 2011-05-17 (Board)


May 17, 2011



In attendance:  Susan Rollins Gehring, Barbara Hanson, Jenna Star Friedman, Viv Ruegger, Tony Marsh, Debra Weible, Barbara Burhans, Lori Ulen,


President Susan Rollins Gehring called the meeting to order.


Approval of Minutes – March 15, 2011 – Tony Marsh made a motion to approve the minutes and Debra Weible seconded the motion.  Vote taken: minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report –  Barbara Hanson gave the Treasurer’s Report.  Review of budget for 2011. Discussion about budget, including looking into expenses of providing credit card service during Cool Show.  Tony Marsh motioned to approve budget, Viv Ruegger seconded motion.  Vote taken: budget approved.


Membership Report –  Barbara Hanson reported on membership: started the year with 176, now have 157 members. Lost 7 members’ gallery pages; lost 3 members’ thumbnails.  Discussion of website scams.


President’s Report by Susan Gehring:


1. Update on Cool Art 23:  Jurying will be done this Friday. Amanda Cooper, David Shenkweler, Lynn Whitelaw and five PAVA members will jury in the artists.


2.  Update on 2Cool Art in Gulfport: Postcard design is done.


Committee Reports


1. 501c3 – Susan  to talk with accountant about issues.


2.  Nominating committee – two new Board members are needed. Barbara Burhans reviewed nominees and recommended Joyce Curvin and Holly Bird.  Lori Ulin made a motion to accept Curvin and Bird as new Board members. Debra Weible seconded motion. Vote taken: Curvin and Bird elected to Board.


Old Business


1.   Website discussion – Susan Gehring and Barbara Hanson working with Ron Pehmoeller.  Committee needed to work on website.  Barbara Burhans suggested putting Board members’ names on website – they currently are not listed.


2.  Update on exhibitions by Lori Ulen – reviewed list of upcoming exhibits at:  City of Clearwater Library, Hyatt weekend exhibit (on hold for now in order to look into how to promote it), Beach Art Center – Members’ Exhibit, Octogon Exhibit, Ruth Eckerd Hall Exhibit, SPC Exhibit.


3.  Policy on Facebook posts – discussion about Ron’s suggested guidelines. Tony Marsh made a motion to adopt guidelines. Barbara Burhans seconded the motion. Vote taken:  guidelines adopted.



New Business


1.  Susan Gehring discussed the need for guidelines about how PAVA will participate in community events.


2.  Meeting topics – need for someone new to take this over.


3.  Officers for Board will be decided at next meeting.





1.  Next general meeting will be June 15, 2011; topic will be Cool show.


Meeting Adjourned  7:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jenna Star Friedman.


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