Meeting Minutes 2011-08-23 (Board)


AUGUST 23, 2011

5:30-7:30 PM.


In attendance:  Susan Rollins Gehring, Barbara Hanson, Viv Ruegger, Debra Weible, Lori Ulen, Joyce Curvin, Connie Parkinson, Holly Bird.


President Susan Rollins Gehring called the meeting to order.  We need a new secretary and Debra Weible volunteered to do this, with Joyce Curvin as back up.


Approval of Minutes- May 17, 2011- Motion made and seconded by Joyce Curvin.  Vote taken and approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Barbara Burhans not present.  Will remain treasurer until 2012, when her term expires.  Barbara Hanson reported that from 1/1-8/22/11, we have netted $5,382.93 and presently have $13,340.18 in our account. Figures were distributed for June/August income/expense and Cool Art Show income/expense.  At this time, we show a profit from the Cool Art Show of $3,628.49.  (Reports attached.)


Membership Report – Barbara Hanson reported that we have a total membership of 162.  We were up 6 members since last year.  We tend to lose members and then pick up again for Cool Art Show.  We have mostly Pinellas County members, but are expanding into other areas in Florida. (Report attached)


President’s Report – No comments.


Committee Report


  1. 501c3 – Susan Gehring reported that 4 trustees met with Sally Lindberg, our accountant, this past week.  She suggested that we had to go back to 1995 to fill out our 1023 form.  This would also involve having to rename ourselves and possibly have two corps.  After consulting with John Hubbard and Nancy Ridenhour, we feel we only have to go back 5 years.  This is still undecided and we need more information before going forward.
  2. Cool Art – Connie Parkinson reports that Cool Art was successful this year.  No complaints; artists and public very happy.  Perhaps have an anonymous card for artists to fill out stating their sales and collected at the end of the show next year.
  3. 2 Cool Art – Connie P. reports that show will have set up on Feb 10 and run on Feb. 11,12.  She is getting great cooperation with the city.  Only drawback is number of spaces are limited to 34 and outdoor space is too risky (weather) to use.  Electricity is available and a lot of free parking.  Jury will be same as Cool Art.  Barbara Hubbard is doing applications and the deadline will be Dec 1.  Holly Bird agreed to start working on an updated PAVA logo to brand our events.
  4. Meeting Topics – Joyce Curvin volunteered to help Barbara Hanson with this.


Old Business



  1. Website – Our webmaster, Russell, is unable to help redesign our website, so we will take our ideas  (attached)  to three web designers in hopes of choosing one that will give us a new look and a more user friendly site.  Most important issue is security.
  2. Exhibitions – Lorie Ulen reported that the next show is Clearwater Library Show with a drop off September 1st from 10 – 12.  The next shows will be PAVA Members Show at the Beach Art Center with drop off September 14th.  Following this will be the Octogon Exhibit which will be hung Dec 1, with reception Dec. 3.  Call to artists TBA.  Ruth Eckerd Exhibit will be in March April and May of 2012, which will show 12 artists juried by previous years artists.  And finally she is working on an SPC Exhibit for next year.


New Business

Susan Gehring reported that we need someone to work on guidelines for our participation in the community.  This is important for our 501c3 also.  Joyce Curvin and Viv Ruegger agreed to work on this. Susan Gehring accepted George Tinitis resignation from the board as of August 19, 2011.  A replacement will be nominated and voted on at the next meeting.




Next meeting will be September 20, 2011.


Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Debra Thomas Weible



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