Meeting Minutes 2011-10-26 (Board)


OCTOBER 26, 2011

At Susan Gehring’s home


Officers present: Susan Gehring, Joyce Curvin, Tony Marsh, Debra Weible, Holly Bird, Barbara Burhan, Barbara Hanson



Meeting called to order at 5:30pm.



The minutes were reviewed and a motion was made by Joyce and seconded by Tony to accept them.  They were passed unanimously.



(See attached June-Sept income/expense).  This was given by Barbara Burhan.  Our checking balance $11,785.40.



1.  Susan G. Attended a meeting organized by the Sec. Of State called “Culture Builds Florida”.  This is an attempt by the State of Florida to have artists organizations band together, function as a business and lobby for the arts.


2.  Susan also presented the idea of having Sybil Osberg attend a meeting to discuss an artist’s co-op in downtown Clearwater.


3.  Susan would like to consider doing a studio tour that covers a large area in the future.


4.  We need another board member and Barbara Burhans who heads the nominee committee will work on this.



1.  501c 3 . Susan met with John Hubbard and resolved some questions about our application.  Cost will be $800.  We will submit this soon.

2.  Membership.  Barbara H. Reports that we have 167 members compared with this time last year of 159.

3.  2Cool Art.  Deadline is Dec. 1 and so far we have 19 entries with 4 shared booths.  Our total spaces are 34.  We have as jurors Judith Powers Jones and Michelle Tuegel.  The jurying will be done on Dec 14th.   Cool Art 2012.  No increase in fees!


4.    Meetings.  Barbara Hanson noted that our last meeting was rescheduled for Nov. 8 at DAC.  The Holiday Party is Nov. 15.  We have no meeting in December.  January meeting will be for 2 Cool  and we will have a presentation/pitch for a co-op in downtown Clearwater by Sybil Osberg.  February will be Annual Studio Party at Ernie Simmons.



1.  Web Design.   Susan G. received 3 proposals for web design. They were 1) Design & Time 2) AdSharp 3) Galerie Bohne.  These were discussed and a motion was made by Joyce C. to accept the proposal of Design & Time ( Bruce Snyder).  It was seconded by Debra and unanimously approved.  Susan will notify Bruce and proceed ASAP.


2.  New Logo.  Holly Bird  presented her design using the colored cube/PAVA design into a rectangular form.  Although the designs were well done, it was decided that we like the vertical logo better and could use that in all circumstances. It was also noted that we need to trademark our logo and the logo/name of Cool Art Show


3.  Exhibitions.  Lorrie Ulen was not present, so Barbara H. Reported.  Beach art pickup on Friday, Oct 28, 10-12.  Library pick up is Tues, Nov. 29, 10-12.

Member show at Unitarian Church with delivery on  12/01 and reception on 12/03 from 4-6 (bring munchies).   SPC TBA.  Next library exhibit will be in Spring.


Joyce Curvin submitted a form to be used for grant money/volunteer hours.  Parameters were discussed.  Adjustments made to form and also followup form.

The money will be limited to $300, within the state of Florida and all applications will be due September 1 and granted within 45 days.  Revisions to the forms will be submitted for approval by email or next meeting.



The Holiday Party will be held at Debra Weible’s home at 421 Grant St., Dunedin on November 15 (Tuesday).


The meeting was adjourned at 8pm..


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