Meeting Minutes 2011-11-08 (Members)


NOVEMBER 8, 2011


NOTE:  Michael Wilcox will be doing an 8 hour color workshop on November 30th at DFAC.


Two presenters gave the following information to the PAVA group.




Lyn Whitelaw, former Director of the Leepa Rattner Museum, now curator of the museum is also a well known judge of juried art shows, presented his suggestions for successful art entries.


Important points:


Must move from slides to digital to submit work. Nearly all shows will require this in future.


Resumes and applications are NOT reviewed, only art images and booth shots.


All images should be presented in a square, usually 1920 x 1920 pixels with remaining space “blacked”. This can be done using the information found in Café, Zapplications. Photoshop Elements is good program to use  for resizing. Don’t show your name, matting etc. If 3-D, have good photographs, with good lighting.


Be sure to follow the rules, send the correct number of images and label them as instructed. If placing on a CD, be sure to review the CD in another computer.


Be sure your booth shot shows your work well and the photo is taken without shadows and with a pleasing presentation. The booth shot is not to prove you have a tent, but that you know how to present your work. Don’t show yourself or your name in the photo. Be creative but don’t “clutter” your booth. A bad booth shot can keep you out of a show.





David Lawrence did a power point presentation on how prepare photos for digital submission.


He likes Photoshop Elements.  Cost of version 10 is $79.99.

See Handout..


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