Ronald Fields, Sr. — Abstract Painter

Artist Profile

Ronald (“Ron”) Edward Fields, Sr.

My painting style is all about design, texture, layering, and rich colors.  I prefer acrylic and oil paints because they allow more flexibility and fluidity when painting.  In 1996, I moved to Lakeland, Florida and began painting professionally.  I became a member of Arts On the Park in Lakeland, Fl. in 2006 and I am also a member of Orlando Slice.  I have exhibited in solo and group shows throughout Central Florida including Lakeland, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lake Wales, Winter Haven and Orlando.

The process I use to create “non-representational” art is more about cause, effect and discovery rather than planning.  For example, when I apply paint to the canvas, I rely on my inner thoughts to respond and take control of guiding the process.  As my paintings are evolving, I see the shape of the design or form and discover which direction the painting needs to take.

My inner thought process helps me to think, analyze, create, and solve unexpected challenges that sometimes occur.  I enjoy painting in this manner because it expands my artistic capabilities.  My goal, as an artist, is to create works of art that have strong composition, design, color harmony, and beautiful aesthetic qualities.  My style is greatly influenced by artists such as Salvador Dali for color application, Willem De Kooning in relation to abstract painting, and Johannes Vermeer for layering.

Very seldom are my paintings planned because I prefer the freedom to make changes to maximize their boldness and richness.  It brings me enormous joy to paint images that are heart felt and allow art enthusiasts multiple ways to view and analyze each painting.

I enjoy art exhibits, visiting art museums, discussing art and hope to meet other artists through this website. My contact information is 863-944-0172




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