Sherry Williamson Photography

Sherry has combined her love of nature, walking and travel to create landscapes and nature photography. She also enjoys creating regional and urban photographic work extending throughout Florida.

Sherry has always enjoyed “taking pictures”, an interest that was passed down to her from her father. After retiring from Corporate America, Sherry was afforded the time to build on her passion by creating photographic art.

Sherry is a member of the of several photography groups, including Photographic Arts Society. Her works are often part of the Photographic Art Society’s exhibits at the Summit Office Complex in Clearwater FL. While showing at the Summit, Sherry has been awarded three Honorable Mentions from the judges, Judges Choice and a second place as well as three People’s Choice awards.

When her work was exhibited at the Tampa Museum of Art’s “open call”, Sherry was awarded an Honorable mention by the Judge in the documentary category. Sherry’s works also includes photographic prints on Canvas media, which have been on display at the Jewish Community Center, Oldsmar City Hall and the West Tampa Center for the Arts. Sherry received First Place for one photo and Honorable Mention for a second photo in the 2010 Kelby Photo Walk in Palm Harbor.

The Beck Gallery in Lutz, Florida featured Sherry’s work as an artist of the month. Sherry participated in two Canvas8 shows in Tampa, FL,as well as a special exhibit at the St Pete Pier honoring that St Petersburg Icon. Sherry’s photos are incorporated in iPad/iPhone apps as well, “Puzzle Falls” and Artbook, Tampa Bay.



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