Susan Rollins Gehring – Oil Painting and Printmaker

Susan Rollins Gehring is a native Florida printmaker and painter. She was born in Tampa  and grew up in Clearwater Florida. She earned her bachelor of Fine Art Degree in 1971 at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia and has also studied at the University of South Florida, Santa Fe Junior College, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (part of the University of Tennessee), Florida Gulf Coast Art Center, Dunedin Fine Art Center and in Specialized Printmaking Seminars. The focus of her painting and printmaking has been landscapes and waterscapes of Florida.

Florida waterscapes have been a key focus since Susan spends much of her time with Dunedin’s Saint Joseph Sound and she fishes the Chassahowitzka national wildlife refuge in Citrus County. “As a native I have watched the slipping away of the primal, the essential, the soul of Florida. I am privileged to have access to an unspoiled area, The Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge and have based most of my recent images on that habitat. This work represents to me the quintessential Florida. Florida is such a contrast between big sky and impenetrable vegetation, spectacular sunsets and subtle colors of saw grass. There is peace there but also raw violent nature.”

To see more of Susan’s work

Chass Back Yard

Little Gator


Florida Dreams - Whooping Crane.


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